Flex HX

Unlike leaky Double Jacketed gaskets, The FLEX HX is a cost-effective sealing solution designed to handle flange movements, vibrations, and a tighter seal that will not leak in Heat Exchanger applications. Our reengineered FLEX Heat Exchanger gasket creates a high unit load that is generated by the narrow sealing area. This provides more flange clamping pressure […]


Now there’s a Manway Gasket that ends fugitive emissions, damaged gasket surfaces, and gasket blowouts, introducing the FLEX MW™. The ability to be used in a wide range of surface finishes and operating pressures, and a gasket which is designed to stay in place during closing. Eliminate problems with leakage, gasket surface damage, gasket blow […]


Introducing the FLEX SL™, a proprietary design for long-haul reliability without flange welding or misalignment. These gaskets conform to standard DIN, ANSI, JIS, and BS flanges normally installed in pipelines. The most important feature of the gasket is the high unit load generated by the narrow sealing area provides a considerably higher flange clamping pressure […]


Image of RIGFLEX FP Gasket (Reverse Integrity Gasket FP)

RIGFLEX™ FP, Reverse Integrity Gasket, is designed to suit raised-face flanges (such as those specified in ASME B16.5)


Flexitallic Flex-ACE, Air Cooled Exchanger header plug and gasket.

Flexitallic Flex-ACE is a no-leak innovative plug and gasket design engineered to stop header leaks on Air-Cooled Exchangers. Powered by the Change gasket.


Isoflex FS

ISOFLEX®-FS is a fire safe isolation gasket that is ideal for high pressure and critical service applications, and is aimed at eliminating the concerns and pitfalls of existing market offerings.



Corriculite™ tackles the problem of flange face corrosion on bolted joints in seawater and hydrocarbon applications.

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