Flexitallic Flex-ACE is a no-leak innovative plug and gasket design engineered to stop header leaks on Air-Cooled Exchangers. Powered by the Change gasket.

The FLEX-ACE™ is a specially designed plug and change gasket combination kit, with a combination of an air-cooled exchanger plug, and change gasket. The plug has a design that seats a Change gasket, offering the tightest and most effective seal in an air-cooled exchanger. The dimensions of the plug are also designed to fit existing equipment, so the end user does not have to bore out any holes, or do special machining, to their air-cooled exchanger holes. We designed the plug and the threads to fit this existing equipment.

Flex-ACE Heat Exchanger plug Air cooled Fin-fan


Leaks in air-cooled exchangers are a prevalent challenge in the industry, especially because they are used in several industrial sectors, including chemical, petrochemical, power, refining, LNG, and more. These exchangers help end users achieve full run capacity, therefore leaks occurring are a huge setback.


End users often throttle back capacity to work around this inefficiency. This is where the solution of Flex-ACE™ comes in – it helps end users run at full capacity, meaning more output, improved profitability, less emissions, and increased safety. 


Watch interview with Eric Fuselier: Flex-Ace .. “Life is good”

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