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Shutdown and Turnaround Support

Time is the most valuable commodity during shutdowns and turnarounds. With assistance from our Shutdown and Turnaround Support Service we aim to make the process as quick and easy as possible for you and your team. With hands-on site support from our experienced engineering team, we’ll make sure the supply of gaskets and seals during your turnaround is trouble free.

There when you need us

Our mobile service unit will be positioned on-site to give you additional support for all gasket-related issues during a turnaround. We’ll be there to manufacture and refurbish gaskets as required, and provide you with information and an immediate point of contact for any gasket-related problems.

Turnaround manager

Time can be lost during planned or emergency shutdowns if plans and gasket drawings are not to hand. As part of our Shutdown and Turnaround Support Service, you’ll have quick and easy access to the Flexitallic Turnaround Manager drawing database.

The Database allows you to view gasket drawings for each specific piece of equipment on your site. The drawings are easily accessed by plant ID, location or specific part code.

Benefits for you:

  • Secure web-based and fully searchable database
  • Ability to print and email drawings as required
  • 24-hour access, crucial during emergency situations
  • Database can be customized and talk to your systems
  • Retrieve gasket specifications instantly
  • Clarify use of correct gasket
  • Helps you to plan shutdowns and general maintenance work
  • Speeds up and simplifies new equipment purchase by having existing specifications to hand
  • Cost effective system, designed by engineers for engineers


The mobile service unit is provided during shutdown periods to offer additional support for all gasket related issues. The primary purpose is to manufacture and refurbish a wide range of gaskets. In addition to this it is the initial point of contact on site for gasket problems, an information source, and acts as a local production facility.

Download more information:

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