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Isolation Gaskets and Kits

  • Isolation gaskets that will exceed the dielectric & sealing capabilities of all current market products.
  • Patented & best-in-class designs that incorporate proven technology & proprietary materials.
  • A comprehensive product range that addresses both industry and customer-specific requirements.
  • Full boxed kit availability, including: gasket, isolating sleeves & washers, metal backup washers.


ISOFLEX™ Isolation Gaskets

  • Exceeds the current market sealing performance.

  • Flexitallic’s proprietary & patented designs that incorporate proven technology & proprietary materials.

  • A product platform consisting of two best-in-class designs and will grow over time.

Our Best in Sealing and Isolation

ISOFLEX™-FS is a fire safe isolation gasket that is ideal for high pressure and critical service applications, and is aimed at eliminating the concerns and pitfalls of existing market offerings.. 

ISOFLEX™-LT is a superior alternative to the inclined plane gasket. The ISOFLEX ™-LT design is less susceptible to localized flange damage..

ISOPRO Isolation Gaskets

  • Matches capabilities of products that are currently available within the market.

  • Meets difficult-to-change and longstanding written specifications.

  • For use in non-critical service and low(er) temperature applications.

ISOPRO-IP is a flange isolation gasket utilizing NEMA grade glass reinforced epoxy (GRE) that is machine-grooved with a recess and inclined plane in which contains a soft sealing element..

ISOPRO-NFP is a flange isolation gasket made with a phenolic core and nitrile facings, a good alternative to neoprene based material..

ISOPRO-NEO is a neoprene based sheet sealing material, an economical gasket option in applications or services where temperature and pressure are non-demanding..