Introducing Flexitallic’s Latest RIGFLEX™ Gasket Range

Image of Reverse Integrity Gaskets
Image of Reverse Integrity Gaskets
We are thrilled to introduce our cutting-edge sealing technology – the RIGFLEX™ RJ and FP range of reverse integrity testing gaskets. This innovative range reduces costs and downtime and elevates safety standards.

Our expert team has developed a solution that facilitates integrity testing of newly assembled and tightened flanged connections without requiring complete system pressurisation to test the connection’s integrity. Specifically tailored for applications in the upstream oil & gas and petrochemical sectors, the RIGFLEX™ RJ and FP gaskets come equipped with a high-pressure welded test pipe and threaded connection port, allowing direct assessment of connection integrity by observing pressure introduced into the annulus of the gasket, between the flange faces.

Once installed, these gaskets remain secure, enabling continuous monitoring and spot-testing of individual connections. This unique feature facilitates easy identification of leaking connections, substantially minimising the need for unplanned remedial work.

In contrast to traditional methods that demand extensive resources, such as costly equipment, large volumes of test gas like nitrogen, and dedicated teams, RIGFLEX™ gaskets streamline the process. Notably, a single person can efficiently conduct testing using these gaskets.

The RIGFLEX™ RJ is a precision-machined octagonal Ring Type Joint (RJT), while the RIGFLEX™ FP boasts a grooved core with dual Kammprofile elements on opposite sides of the gasket. This configuration, faced with Corriculite™ and operating within a temperature range of -200ºC to +260ºC, not only enhances tightness but mitigates the risk of flange face corrosion.

Designed to suit specific flanged connections (RJT for ASME B16.5 RJT connections and FP for ASME B16.5 raised face connections), these gaskets are available in sizes ranging from ½” to 24″ Nominal Pipe Size. Additionally, they come equipped with a fire-safe high-pressure cap, and all pressure-containing components, test pipes, connectors, and welds undergo thorough pressure testing upon completion of manufacture, accompanied by a pressure test certificate for each gasket.

Adam Atkinson, UK National Sales Manager, expressed, “The launch of our new RIGFLEX™ range is a moment of pride for Flexitallic, symbolising our unwavering commitment to innovation, efficiency, and safety. Without compromising quality, these cost-effective solutions will positively impact multiple sectors in the coming months and years.”

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