Sigma® ONE

Introducing: Sigma® ONE


Flexitallic’s SIGMA® ONE was developed to meet the industry’s most critical chemical service applications. Research & Development efforts extended over two years in order to provide the market with a PTFE-based sealing material that was truly ideal for service.

  • Flexitallic’s proprietary manufacturing process allows for high-performance in every direction (biaxial).
  • The formula incorporates PTFE & a proprietary filler, which are both well-known for their exceptional chemical resistance.
  • Reduced risk of misapplication and inventory consolidation are a result of  SIGMA® One’s excellent chemical compatibility.
  • High compressibility provides easier installation and lower load to seal, minimizing the likelihood of equipment damage.
  • SIGMA® One provides superior creep & cold flow resistance, increased sealability, decreased emissions & peace-of-mind.
  • SIGMA® One’s biaxially-orientation makes it the ideal solution for applications with elevated mechanical requirements.


Until now, chemical manufacturing facilities have been required to utilize a variety
of conventional-filled PTFE materials to cover the chemical range in its entirety.
Thus, increasing the likelihood of gasket misapplication.

  • PTFE is commonly used for sealing within chemical service applications.
  • 100% Pure PTFE provides excellent chemical compatibility, but does have its drawbacks.
  • Pure PTFE is not stable under heat & pressure, which is known as “creep.” Excessive “creep” results in the loss of load on the gasket, and therefore increases the likelihood of leakage.
  • In order to minimize creep, fillers are commonly added to PTFE during the manufacturing process.
  • Fillers help to stabilize the gasket, but each has its own chemical compatibility limits and related trade-offs.
  • The most common fillers are glass spheres (blue), silica (fawn), and barium sulfate (bone or off-white).
  • Many companies must utilize a wide variety of materials to properly seal the assortment of chemical service applications.
  • Companies that utilize a variety of PTFE sealing materials are more at risk of misapplication, which can negatively impact safety, reliability, and up-time.

When compared to other conventional-filled PTFE (glass spheres, silica, barium sulfate) sheet sealing materials, SIGMA® ONE’s near universal chemical compatibility minimizes the risks associated with gasket misapplication.

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