Reduce shipping emissions with effective sealing solutions.

One of the biggest challenges facing the marine industry is the 2020 low sulfur legislation, which requires the industry to clean up its sulfur emissions to meet environmental targets. The consequences of non-compliance include hefty fines and vessels being declared unseaworthy.

Sealing solutions used within sulfur reducing exhaust systems have to must cope with dramatic changes in temperatures and pressures.

We have standard or custom bespoke gaskets that have the capability to reduce emissions and increase compliance. Our high-performance materials maintain their integrity despite the challenges associated with marine catalytic exhaust systems. And by matching materials, we can optimize seal performance reducing potential emissions.


Featured products for Marine

Flexitallic SF4300 is a premium compressed sheet gasket material based on a blend of organic and glass fibers, bound with a high-quality rubber binder.
Flexitallic SF2401 is an aramid fiber based sheet sealing material bound with a high-quality nitrile rubber.
The ISOPRO-IP is a flange isolation gasket utilizing NEMA grade glass reinforced epoxy (GRE), machine-grooved with a recess and inclined plane & containing a soft sealing element.
ISOFLEX®-FS is a fire safe isolation gasket that is ideal for high pressure and critical service applications, and is aimed at eliminating the concerns and pitfalls of existing market offerings.
Corriculite™ tackles the problem of flange face corrosion on bolted joints in seawater and hydrocarbon applications.
Marine Industry

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Creating a cleaner, safer world is at the heart of everything we do at Flexitallic. We’re actively involved in initiatives aimed at reducing emissions. The 2020 low sulfur legislation is a welcome step forward in reducing the impact on the environment. We have the expertise, knowledge and advanced products that will help the marine industry to comply with this legislation.

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