Clean sealing solutions for the Food & Beverage industry

One of the primary concerns in the food and beverage industry is protecting consumable products from contamination. Joint seals must retain their integrity to avoid impurities entering the production process, either from external sources or due to leaching from the gasket material.

For hygiene reasons, production facilities often use stainless steel pipework and vessels which can be easily cleaned using pressurised steam. This can have a detrimental affect on the seal, compromising joint integrity.

Our comprehensive range of sealing solutions meet these challenges and more. Our range of Sigma® PTFE materials resist degradation from steam, are inherently clean and offer excellent sealing performance even in load compromised joints. The range of specialist products are certified to EC1935 and are FDA compliant.

In some applications the additional requirement for fire safety is required, specifically in the distillery industry. Flexitallic’s Flexidram™ gasket is unique in its ability to address both issues of fire safety and cleanliness.


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In the food and beverage industry, preventing contamination is a real priority. Having confidence that the sealing technology employed will keep external contaminants out is as important as preventing leaks. Our gaskets are tried and tested and, as manufacturers, we can also ensure that they’re free from other potential sources of contamination that arise during processing or handling

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