Engineering Challenges in the Hydrogen Economy Conference

Alex Lattimer, New Energy Business Development Director – Flexitallic, will be speaking at IMechE Engineering Challenges in the Hydrogen Economy Conference, 14th-15th March 2023, London.

In 2022, the IMechE hosted the inaugural Engineering Challenges in the Hydrogen Economy conference which provided engineers with a platform to discuss common engineering challenges, applications, and strategies. As more projects move from concept to demonstration and commercial scale, there is a need to continue the discussion, share lessons learned and identify the role of the mechanical engineer.

The conference is an opportunity for engineers to identify challenges across the hydrogen value chain including production, distribution, storage, and utilization. Hydrogen can be a useful part of the energy system, but engineers must understand the inherent challenges before it can be used effectively, and at scale, in a net-zero future energy economy.              

Alex will be presenting on Tuesday 14th March at 10:55 BST:

Sealing Hydrogen: The Challenges and Opportunities

    • Overview of the hydrogen sector from the perspective of sealing

    • Hydrogen vs other media: what are the differences and similarities?

    • Options and practical considerations for sealing hydrogen: best available technologies

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