Clean sealing solutions for the Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical production creates several challenges when it comes to effective sealing solutions, with contamination often a primary concern. This is a particular problem if aggressive or toxic chemicals are involved which can potentially react with sealing materials. To compound the problem, glass or glass-lined vessels may be used. Cleaning with pressurised steam can also have an impact on seal performance.

All these issues have a bearing on appropriate seal selection. Get it wrong, and premature seal degradation can result in undetected leaks, jeopardising health and safety and contaminating the production process. We manufacture EC1935 certified, FDA approved chemical compatible materials.

Our Sigma® PTFE range of products is suitable for virtually all media and flange types. The result is a reliable, secure seal that requires minimum assembly stress for use in load compromised joints.


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Small batch runs of particularly potent chemicals are commonplace in the pharmaceutical industry. It means that whatever sealing solution you employ, it needs to be able to perform well in different environments. We developed our Sigma® range to retain its integrity, while providing outstanding chemical resistance. It’s also inherently clean and FDA approved.

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