Since its foundation in 1912, Flexitallic continues to be the sealing company that industry innovators look to when choosing products and materials to be used in the development and implementation of new technologies.

Flexitallic was born through the revolutionary invention of the Spiral Wound Gasket in Trenton, New Jersey. It was developed for use in marine steam engines that were notorious for low efficiency and poor transference of power to speed. Overnight the use of the Spiral Wound Gasket released the energy of these engines and increased the efficiency and speed of marine vessels.

Similar proactive innovations and inventions by Flexitallic have made huge contributions to increased effectiveness of energy and our Earths resources together with reducing pollution and impact on the environment.

Flexitallic has led the way in recognising industry’s challenges and found a way to provide effective solutions:

Through continued research and development, the people in Flexitallic continue to innovate with the highest skill and strongest desire to answer the calls of not only present industry needs but the demands of new industries and applications – not least in the rapid transition of energy generation but also its impact into demand for new chemicals and transportation such as aerospace and marine.

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