High Temperature sealing solutions.

High temperature applications are those with temperatures from 250°C (482°F) to 1000°C (1832°F) depending on your industry and application. Whatever temperature you’re working with, it’s vital that you have trust in the integrity of your sealing solution.

Sealing in high temperature processes is not straight forward and often involves other complicating factors such as oxidation, thermal cycling and relaxation of flange components. Together these put a strain on gasket materials which can lead to premature failure, leakage and, where flammable products are involved, a risk of fire.

Thermiculite® has been specifically designed for use in high temperatures up to 1000°C/1832°F and can cope with extreme changes in temperature as well. It’s also chemically resistant and available in different forms, including sheet materials, fillers for spiral wound gaskets, facings for kammprofiles as well as being offered in the CHANGE gasket. Thermiculite® meets strict legislation requirements such as TA Luft and is fire-safe to the API 6FB standard.

Our experienced specialists can advise on the most appropriate sealing materials for your application, based on the pressure, temperatures and media involved.


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High temperature applications mean different things to different industries. So the first question we ask is what do you mean by high temperature? At the lower end of the high temperature spectrum graphite based products such as our oxidation inhibited SEL range work really well. For very high temperatures or when oxidation is a significant factor, then our Thermiculite® range has to be the product of choice.

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