Fire-safe sealing solutions

In the oil and gas industry, the risk of fire due to the accidental release of hydrocarbons is a very real and present danger. Equally, in the event of fire breaking out at an on-shore or off-shore facility, you need to be confident that the pipework carrying flammable substances will maintain its integrity, providing sufficient time for the fire to be brought under control or evacuation to take place.

In such circumstances, gaskets used in flanged joints must be fit for purpose and capable of withstanding high temperatures in a sustained fire situation. Flexitallic gaskets designed for use in applications where fire safety is a primary concern are tested to and compliant with API 6FB, the only internationally recognised fire safe test for gaskets.


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Fire Safety

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You can’t take chances when it comes to dealing with extremely flammable substances. Plant fires cost time, money and reputation, not to mention the health and safety risks to employees and the environment. For added security, we’ve a range of sealing solutions that meet the industry standard API 6FB fire-safe test, our technologically-advanced Thermiculite® material far exceeds the requirements of this industry-recognised test.

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