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Leak-free Corrugated Metal Gaskets for Heat Exchangers, Manways, and Pipe Flanges. Gaskets engineered to install easily, end emissions, and create a more effective seal with less compression.

Say goodbye to your leaky Double Jacketed gaskets. FLEX HX is a cost-effective sealing solution designed to handle flange movements and vibrations, and a tighter seal that will last longer than a Double Jacketed gasket.

Our re-engineered FLEX Heat Exchanger gasket creates a high unit load that is generated by the narrow sealing area. This provides more flange clamping pressure and a better seal with less compression. It can’t be over torqued. FLEX HX can be made in almost any shape or configuration.

*Flexitallic can manufacture custom metal carrier and sealing materials for your application.

The FLEX MW offers the same high unit load generated by the gasket’s narrow sealing area to deliver more flange clamping pressure for a better seal with less force. For use in wide range of surface finishes and operating pressures. Stays in place during closing. Won’t blowout.

The FLEX SL Gasket is a proprietary design that let’s one size fit all standard flange pressure classes. It simplifies both gasket selection and inventory. And delivers a better seal at lowered clamping force.



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