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Here at Flexitallic we pride ourselves on a job well done, and that starts with a great support system from our engineers. 


Troublesome + Chronic applications

We have the best engineers in the industry.  With over 100+ years of combined experience, we tackle your problems- it's what we do, it's what we get excited about. So stop pulling out your hair and call us now.  The solution is here.  Start a online chat with a live engineer right here in Deer Park, TX.  Or email or call us right now.  


Application + Specification review

How about an extra set of eyes? Let us help you develop the right solution for your application.  Trust us; we've seen them all and there's no application we can't suggest the right gasket for. We have so many solutions in reach.  From advanced gasket designs like our award winning Change and Change-HF gaskets, to our innovative high temperature material, Thermiculite; we have proven time and time again to be the leader in advancing the static sealing industry.


On-site Training (Bolting & Gaskets 101)

Correct gasket installation is essential to safe operations. If the correct gasket is not ordered, or if it is not installed correctly by competent maintenance personnel, the gasket can be the root cause of a major HSE investigated incident.


The Gasket remains fundamental to all process industries and understanding of the sealing element is critical within the flange assembly process. Flange components dynamic reactions to temperature and pressure remains critical when calculating applied loads, too little and the flange will leak, too high and the gasket may leak and components may be compromised. Knowledge of gasket constants bolt and flange materials, and predictable behaviour during operational phase will save expensive re work and increase safety performance. For more information on the range of courses available, or to book a seminar, please complete the form below.


Ageing assets with corrosion and extreme fabric maintenance challenges the maintenance schedules, however knowledge of the latest best practice will aid underpin issues and extend the life of the asset. Extensive sealing technology experience underpins the training offerings, all provided by Professional Engineers with site and Application Engineering experience.


Online Chat services


Turnaround Manager

Years of experience & board positions within industry organizations (API, ASME, etc.)


Success with new products and materials

  • Thermiculite,
  • Change, Change HF/CR,
  • I-Flex
  • Corriculite


On-Site Training Info Request Form

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