Image of EQUIFLEX Gaskets - FP & SWG
Image of EQUIFLEX Gaskets - FP & SWG


Designed for sealing in ring type joint connections where the presence of corrosion or damage to the flange groove could compromise joint integrity.

Equiflex™ gaskets are particularly suited for use in the upstream oil and gas sector where they can be used as a direct replacement of RTJ gaskets without the need for expensive and time-consuming groove repair or re-machining.

Both gaskets utilise Flexitallic Corriculite® as the primary non-metallic sealing material. Giving exceptional levels of tightness and mitigating the onset of flange face corrosion.

Equiflex™ gaskets are fire safe, complying with the requirements of API 6FB.

For sizes up to and including 2” both inner and outer seals are Image of EQUIFLEX FP Gasket by Flexitalliccomprised of precision serrated metal cores. The inner seal is faced with Corriculite®.


For connection sizes greater than 2” the inner seal is comprised of a high performance spiral woundImage of EQUIFLEX SW Gasket sealing element incorporating Corriculite®. The outer seal is comprised of a precision serrated metal core faced with Sigma® 800, a high compression, structurally modified PTFE based sealing material.

For more information download our product datasheet.


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