Corriculite™ tackles the problem of flange face corrosion on bolted joints in seawater and hydrocarbon applications.

Responding to customer demands for an improved material with strong anti-corrosion characteristics Flexitallic has created Corriculite® – a filler material for spiral wound gaskets specifically designed for use in corrosion-sensitive environments, such as seawater and hydrocarbon services, across a number of industries, including oil and gas, power and marine.

This revolutionary, non-conductive filler material provides sealing performance and corrosion resistance unlike any other gasket material on the market. Comparative tests show Corriculite® delivers corrosion protection and sealing properties that far exceed other materials currently available.

Conventional graphite gaskets for instance, promote the initiation and propagation of corrosion of flanges due to graphite’s electrical conductivity and position in the galvanic series, leading to premature failure and leakage.

Due to recent successes in the oil and gas industry and increased customer demand, we are pleased to announce we have added API 6FB Fire-Safe approval to our Corriculite™ product portfolio as follows:

Flexpro® Kammprofile
Change™ Gasket

ApprovalAPI 6FB


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