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The information provided on this website is given in good faith and is to be used for customer assistance only, and without liability on the part of the company.  Please contact Flexitallic Application Engineering for technical assistance.

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Graphite Laminate Sheet

Flexicarb is an exfoliated graphite material with standard grades at 95% to 98% and a nuclear grade available at 99.5%. It can be supplied with an inorganic passivating inhibitor to increase its oxidation and corrosion resistance. Recent experiences and tests have shown that Flexicarb will oxidize over time. Care should be taken when considering the use of Flexicarb foil for applications above 650°F.
  • Flexicarb® ST

    Flexicarb® ST is a high purity graphite laminate sheet with a tanged stainless steel core.

  • Flexicarb® SR

    Flexicarb® SR is a high purity graphite laminate reinforced with a foil stainless steel core.

  • Flexicarb® NR

    Flexicarb® NR is a high purity graphite laminate reinforced with a stainless steel core.

  • Flexicarb® LS

    Flexicarb® LS is a high purity graphite laminate sheet made with homogeneous graphite foil and no reinforcement.