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The information provided on this website is given in good faith and is to be used for customer assistance only, and without liability on the part of the company.  Please contact Flexitallic Application Engineering for technical assistance.

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  • Thermiculite® 815

    Thermiculite 815® is a high temperature sheet material reinforced with stainless steel tanged core.

  • Change™ - Graphite filler

    Metal-wound gasket designed to deliver a seal with the most dynamic recovery, with Graphite filler.

  • 308

    Fugitive Emissons Packing. High purity exfoliated graphite over knitted with Inconel wire, contains high temperature corrosion inhibitor.

  • Style CGI - Flexible Graphite Filler (SEL)

    Spiral Wound Gasket Style CG with internal ring for an additional compression limiting stop, with Flexible Graphite filler material.

  • Style PN Kammprofile - Graphite Filler

    Style PN Flexpro™ Kammprofile is used in confined locations, including male and female, tongue and groove and/or recessed flange arrangements, with Graphite Filler

  • 715 Coreless Sheet

    Thermiculte® 715 is a high temperature coreless sheet material.

  • 815 Tanged Sheet Material

    Thermiculite 815® is a high temperature sheet material reinforced with stainless steel tanged core.

  • RTJ Style BX

    BX ring type joints incorporate a pressure passage hole to allow for pressure equalization each side of the sealing faces.

  • 835 Thermiculite® SWG Filler Material

    Thermiculite® 835 is a high temperature filler material for Spiral Wound Gaskets.

  • RTJ Style R

    Style R ring type joints are manufactured in both oval and octagonal configurations.

  • 845 Flexpro™ Kammprofile

    Thermiculite® 845 is a high temperature facing material for Flexpro™ kammprofile gaskets.

  • FRG-RJ

    Modified R-oval or R-octagonal with inner section matched to the bore.

  • Paste

    Thermiculite® Paste is a high temperature water based sealant

  • 894 Packing Material

    Thermiculite® 894 is a high temperature Packing material.

  • 896 Laminated Sheet

    Thermiculite® 896 is a high temperature laminated sheet material.