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API 589 Packings 308 Approval

API 607 Enviroflex 500 Approval

API 607 Therm 715 Approval

API 607 Therm 815 Approval

API 622

API 6FB Change Approval

API 6FB Change Gasket

API 6FB FRG Approval

API 6FB Fire Safe

API 6FB Flexpro Kammprofile

API 6FB SF4300 Approval

API 6FB SF5000 Approval

API 6FB Spiral Wound Gasket

API 6FB Therm 835 Approval

BAM Approval

BAM FG SEL Flexpro with 3M adhesive

BAM FG SEL Flexpro with sodium silicate adhesive

BAM Novus 49 Approval

BAM SF4300 Approval

BAM SWG Approval

BAM Sigma 511 Approval

DNVGL NOVUS 10 30 31 34 49 Approval

DVGW Sigma 500 Approval

EC 1935 Sigma 500

EC1935 Sigma 511 Approval

TA LUFT Change Approval

TA LUFT Kamm Therm 845 Approval

TA LUFT Novus 49 Approval

TA LUFT SF4300 Approval

TA LUFT SWG Graphite Approval


TA LUFT SWG Therm 835 Approval

TA LUFT Sigma 511 Approval

TA LUFT Sigma 533 Approval

TA LUFT Sigma 588 Approval

TA LUFT Sigma 600 Approval

TA LUFT Therm 896 Approval

TA Luft (200°C)

TA Luft (300°C)

TA Luft Therm 835

VDI 2440 (200°C-300°C)

WRAS Novus 49 Approval

WRAS SF2800 SF2400 Approval

WRAS SF3300 Approval

WRAS SF4300 Approval

WRAS Sigma Approval

API 6FB Fire Safe Cert Spiral Wound CGI FG filler