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Thermiculite® 896


Thermiculite® 896 material has found usage where a robust product is required with small land-widths.

Suitable for high temperature applications
Excellent gas and liquid sealing characteristics
Good stress retention
Excellent low load sealing characteristics
Suitable for use in high temperature low stress sealing applications
Chemically resistant
Very low halogen content coupled with a sulphur free curing system gives excellent resistance to stress corrosion
Suitable for seawater service or marine environments. This contrasts with products based on exfoliated graphite where galvanic corrosion can occur
Not susceptible to thermal oxidation.

Approval TA Luft
Brand Thermiculite®
Flange Face Raised & Flat Face
Maximum Temperature 1000°C / 1832°F
Media Hazardous
Minimum Temperature -200°C / -328°F
Pressure 51 Bars / 739.69 PSI
Pressure Class 150 & 300
Pressure Rating PN PN40