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Flexitallic 310 can be used in valve stems, rotary and reciprocating applications handling most chemical media. Flexitallic 310 is particularly suitable for use in stainless steel equipment handling high temperature and high pressure fluids, where corrosion issues may be encountered. The additional strands of Carbon yarn reinforcement provides stability, resilience and anti-extrusion properties. This packing style does not damage / wear the shaft / spindle. Typical sealing applications include use in power generation (steam valves, boiler-feed pumps, condensate pumps etc), chemical and petrochemical industries. Suitable for most chemicals except strong oxidizing agents such as sulphuric and nitric acids in high concentrations, oleum and aqua-regia.

Maximum Temperature 430°C / 806°F
Media Hazardous
Minimum Temperature -50°C / -58°F
Pressure 450 Bars / 6526.71 PSI