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Safer sealing solutions for subsea environments

Challenges facing offshore or subsea industries go beyond the practical issue of gasket installation where poor visibility, limited movement and entrapment can be of prime concern. Gaskets used must be capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions prior to subsea installation. Material selection plays a key role along with design features that address the potential for pressure lock on flange closure. Subsea seal failure can be both devastating to the environment and costly to repair.

We understand the demands of these unique conditions and have developed a range of products especially for subsea applications. Products are complemented by practical installation tools that provide an extra layer of safety enabling remote installation, reducing the risk of diver entrapment.

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Featured products for Sub Sea

Style CGI - Flexible Graphite Filler (SEL)

Spiral Wound Gasket Style CG with internal ring for an additional compression limiting stop, with Flexible Graphite filler material.


Corriculite® is a spiral wound gasket filler material suitable for use in corrosion management.

RTJ Style BX

BX ring type joints incorporate a pressure passage hole to allow for pressure equalization each side of the sealing faces.

What our sealing experts say:

“For underwater working you need absolute confidence that the products used are fit for purpose, long-lasting and practical to fit. Our specialist RTJs and corrosion-resistant gaskets are tried and tested giving you complete peace of mind. Also, if something does go wrong with an existing seal, you need to address the issue quickly and easily so we’ve created the Subsea Flange Rescue Gasket.”
Marcel Beyer, Application Engineer, Flexitallic GmbH

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