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Flexitallic Gives Added Peace of Mind to Local COVID-19 Testing Lab

Flexitallic is proud to have helped out our local City of Houston Lab by transforming their Covid-19 specimen drop-off area by adding safety measures and clean-room barrier controls.  With our experience in creating and utilizing “Clean rooms” to effectively clean gaskets for oxygen rated services, Flexitallic designed, built and installed a barrier system that keeps lab personnel and Covid-19 testing specimens safe and secure.  The pull-up delivery slot minimizes the contact between couriers and lab personnel.  These couriers are dropping off Covid-19 swabs from all over the city and county to be tested.  Keeping the lab personnel safe and isolated from any possible exposure is supercritical.  Delivery drivers are coming from high traffic areas where the potential for exposure is extremely high.  This barrier system creates a safe isolation area where samples can be dropped off with minimal exposure to all.  One of the lab workers commented, “Thank you for caring…means a lot to us.”  Two labs were updated with this barrier control system by Flexitallic. We are doing what we can to help in these unusual times by keeping our employees and their families safe, but also reaching out to the community and helping out where we can.  We are looking forward to brighter days and will continue to pray for the safety and well being for all and especially those that are directly affected by this pandemic.