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Flexitallic is the market leader in the manufacture and supply of static sealing solutions, delivering high quality industrial gaskets on a global scale.

The Flexitallic Group is committed to its mission of “Making the world safer and cleaner through engineered sealing solutions”. We strive to achieve our mission by providing best-in-class sealing solutions that allow our customers to operate their plants, complete projects, and start up from turnarounds safely and efficiently. Our goal is to help customers achieve zero leaks on startup and throughout the operating cycle.


The Flexitallic reach extends around the world with a global customer service network of fully-owned manufacturing facilities and manufacturing licensees. The worldwide network of Flexitallic distributors can quickly meet local demand, providing a combination of the highest product quality and outstanding customer service. Our teams of application engineers work with customers on a daily basis to solve problems and develop solutions specifically tailored to the customer’s needs.



Over the decades, Flexitallic has built on its legacy of innovation, starting with the spiral wound gasket in 1912 and continuing with new products and materials such as Thermiculite®, Sigma® and Change®. By drawing upon our rich history and present day values of safety, quality, continuous improvement, teamwork, integrity and performance, Flexitallic remains at the forefront of developing sealing solutions for industries around the world.

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The Flexitallic approach to safety is more than a program, it’s a way of doing business that guides our approach to operations, product design, and customer service. We can sum up the approach in three words:  innovate, customize, and educate.


We have a global team of engineers, chemists, and technicians working to develop new products and materials, and constantly improve our existing products. Two of our more recent developments are Thermiculite® and Change® gasket.  Thermiculite® offers an effective solution for high temperature sealing where other materials have failed. The Change® gasket combines the recovery of a spiral wound with the robustness of a kammprofile and the easy handling of a double-jacketed gasket. Customers are finding new applications for Change® gasket every day, solving some of their most challenging sealing problems and ultimately improving the safety of their operations. Our R&D efforts are supported by two state of the art laboratories in the UK and USA.


Sealing solutions that have been customized to your specific application are more likely to be effective. A significant portion of Flexitallic sales result from our engineers working with your team to develop a new solution or improve an existing one. The combination of rigorous design, advanced materials and our high manufacturing standards make for a more effective and safer sealing solution.


Many flange failures are the result of incorrect installation. In industries where extreme heat, pressure and toxic chemicals are in use, this can lead to safety and environmental issues. We established The Academy of Joint Integrity to address this problem. Providing joint integrity and gasket installation training, our expert trainers work to the latest industry standard guidelines. They visit plants around the world to educate your new and experienced engineers, giving them the practical skills they need to get this critical procedure right.