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Change™ gasket proves to be the constant choice for plant operators

Flexitallic’s Change™ gasket has maintained its position as one of the world’s most significant sealing solution innovations with continual growth in applications across industry.

With more than 50,000 sold into sectors such as Steel, Power, Chemical, Refining, and Pulp and Paper, around the world, Change™ has become the gasket-of-choice for an increasing number of plant operators.

The demand for Change™ has been supported by investments in Flexitallic’s production capabilities, with the gasket now manufactured in the UK as well as in the United States. This is enabling Flexitallic to increase production in line with the industry demand and meet shorter lead-times for Europe and the Eastern Hemisphere.

Manufactured using proprietary equipment, Change™ has a proven track-record consistently outperforming conventional gasket technology in a variety of challenging applications, especially in mechanical and thermal cycling conditions.

Originally developed by Flexitallic in direct response to customers’ long-term heat exchanger sealing problems, Change™ is a highly-resilient metal-wound gasket, designed to deliver the most dynamic static sealing technology ever.

Proven to perform 60 percent longer than other gaskets produced for the same application, Change™ has significant recovery capabilities, without comprising tightness, which is essential in high temperature applications.

This is achieved through the application of a unique metal spiral profile, which is more advanced than those found in standard gaskets. This profile, combined with a laser welding process, facilitates the construction of a robust and dynamic seal that has also earned Change™ independent industry accreditation from TA Luft.

Change™ gaskets can be supplied with Flexitallic’s exclusive Thermiculite® gasket material, which was developed for use in critical services applications, from cryogenics to temperatures in excess of 1,000˚C. The Thermiculite® material is a critical component in eliminating graphite oxidation, which limits seal life and seal tightness.

For more information on Change™, please contact your local Flexitallic office or Distributor.