Flexidram™ Kammprofile
Flexidram™ Kammprofile

Flexidram™ Kammprofile

Flexidram™ is a fire-safe Kammprofile gasket, made specifically for use in the distillery industry, addressing containment, emission and health and safety issues faced by distillers.

The Flexitallic Flexidram™ is a hybrid fire-safe gasket comprising a machined outer Flexpro™ (Kammprofile) ring faced with graphite with a specially cleaned Sigma® 501 internal ring.

The Flexidram™ gasket has been designed for use in applications in the food and beverage industries where there is a requirement for a clean, non contaminating fire-safe seal. E.g. the distillation of fermented alcohol containing fluids, in the manufacture of flammable high spirit liquors such as whisky, brandy etc.

It is the only Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliant fire-safe gasket capable of sealing effectively, using the low bolt stress available with stainless steel flanges.

Increased pipeline integrity.
Decreased emissions – TA Luft.
Contamination free.

ApprovalAPI 6FB, FDA
BrandFlexpro, Sigma
Flange FaceFlat, Raised, Spigot & Recess
Maximum Temperature260°C / 500°F
Minimum Temperature-100°C / -148°F
Pressure50 Bars / 725.19 PSI
Pressure Class150 & 300
Pressure RatingPN10, PN16, PN25, PN40


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