Change™ – HF

The Change™-HF is suitable for use in HF-Alky service.

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The Change™-HF protects and outperforms every other HF-Alky gasket on the market.

-Flexibility of a proven spiral wound, low seating stress of a kammprofile.

-Graphite filled like a spiral wound, graphite faced like a kammprofile

-Sigma PTFE inner ring barrier protects the flange from acid corrosion and also fills any existing corrosion damage

-Unique wire profile stores more elastic energy to create better dynamic performance and superior load retention in cyclic applications

-Excellent recovery (tested with 34% recovery @ 18K PSI [124 MPa], 30% compression)

-No spring washers needed, no re-torque required

-Cycle over & over, and maintain sealability

BrandChange HF
Flange FaceRaised & Flat Face
Maximum Temperature260°C / 500°F
Minimum Temperature-240°C / -400°F
Pressure103 Bars / 1493.89 PSI
Pressure Class150, 150 & 300, 300, 600
Pressure RatingPN10, PN16, PN25, PN40, PN64, PN100


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