Mayor hails Flexitallic UK’s new North East Service Centre as ‘vote of confidence’ in Middlesbrough

Mayor hails Flexitallic
Mayor hails Flexitallic
Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston has officially opened Flexitallic UK’s new North East Service Centre – saying the investment highlights a growing economic confidence in the area.

The 650 sq. facility at Tees Advanced Manufacturing Park (TeesAMP), Middlesbrough, enables Flexitallic to expand its capabilities to design and manufacture gaskets and static sealing solutions, and improve its stockholding and workshop facilities to meet increasing demand from customers in the region.

Andy Preston said: “This move by Flexitallic UK is part of a process that builds confidence in Middlesbrough, inspiring other businesses to follow suit to create the life changing career opportunities this area needs.

“There are many exciting projects underway that will transform both the town and its economy, including the UK’s largest hydrogen project. The presence of Flexitallic UK supports this transition.”

The centre, which includes a dedicated ECITB accredited training facility, has the region’s largest stock of sealing solutions. In addition to its gasket cutting service, it provides a local fast turn delivery service for North East clients operating across multiple sectors, including renewables, chemical, oil and gas and power generation.

Flexitallic’s experienced team of joint integrity professionals is supported by an applications team that collaborates with clients on a range of specialist projects, including design reviews, gasket redesigns and industry compliance.

Capable of manufacturing both pipeline gaskets and vessel gaskets from a range of soft materials, including fibre, graphite, PTFE, and rubber, it also produces semi metallic gaskets including spiral wound gaskets. The service centre provides bolted connection engineering review and design review services, and the team can be reached 24/7 for support with both commercial and technical requirements.

The new centre will host workshops including IChemE approved courses and industry discussions on flange management and bolted joint integrity, together with calculation software demonstrations.

Sam Bradley, UK Sales Director at Flexitallic, said: “We have opened this much larger facility in Middlesbrough as a direct response to a growing demand from clients.

“The North East of England will play a significant role in the deployment of green energy technology on a global scale, and it is important that Flexitallic plays its part in supporting industry to reduce its carbon footprint.

“Our service centre on Teesside provides customers with a complete package, including operator training, engineering design services, manufacture, and stock of best in class sealing products with same day service, all under one roof.”

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