Sealing solutions for Nuclear Industries

Nuclear safety is paramount, which is why having absolute confidence in the integrity of sealing materials is vital. At Flexitallic, we have more than 60 years’ experience working with nuclear power end users. We understand the precision manufacturing required and the need to demonstrate accuracy, consistency and product quality throughout the process.

Our pedigree in this industry is underlined by the number of end-user approvals we hold throughout the world. All our gaskets for the nuclear industry are independently approved. We provide a thorough and comprehensive audit trail, from sourcing materials from trusted suppliers to in-process, first-off last-off, testing.

It’s our scientific approach, combined with stringent manufacturing processes, that means we can confidently predict performance capability, giving you complete trust in the nuclear safety and reliability of our sealing solutions.


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Over the years, we’ve continued to push the boundaries of sealing technology. Always with a focus on quality, we’ve created increasingly advanced engineered sealing solutions that demonstrate consistently high performance under extreme conditions. It’s our drive for innovation combined with our focus on quality and control, which allows us to meet the exacting demands of the nuclear industry, by providing nuclear approved sealing products.

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