Flexitallic to debut at Italy’s first HYDROGEN Expo

Flexitallic has confirmed it will attend Italy’s trade exhibition and conference dedicated to the technological sector for the development of the hydrogen supply chain.

HYDROGEN Expo, held in the northern city of Piacenza from the 17th to the 19th May, was conceived to highlight and promote the work of companies operating in the growing hydrogen sector.

At the expo, our team will showcase our industry-leading range of sealing solutions aimed at the hydrogen supply chain, which include Corriculite®, Thermiculite®, Change™, ISOFLEX™ Flange Isolation kits, and Sigma PTFE materials.

Flexitallic has a wealth of experience in those traditional sectors that are already producing and using hydrogen today, and it is ideally placed to support players transitioning towards cleaner forms of hydrogen and new technologies developers.

Whether using our existing products or developing and commercialising new innovative sealing technologies, such as Corriculite® and Change™, Flexitallic is ready to help companies to overcome the sealing challenges involved in the production, logistics and end use of hydrogen.

Alessandro Cavalli, Business Development Manager, New Energy, said: “As the leader in sealing tightness, safety and corrosion prevention, the team is looking forward to attending HYDROGEN Expo to demonstrate its expertise within the sector and the reliability of its sealing technologies.

“There is huge potential within Italy to develop a hydrogen economy thanks to the widespread presence of renewable energy sources, its infrastructure network, and the presence of excellent companies covering the whole H2 value chain, and I’m confident Flexitallic can play an integral role in helping accelerate this process.”

For more information visit: https://hydrogen-expo.it/en/


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