Flexitallic UK Ltd recruits industry specialist Garry Yarker

Garry Yarker
Garry Yarker
Flexitallic UK Ltd has seen an immediate impact from a new product line following the recruitment of industry specialist Garry Yarker.

With more than 16 years’ experience in the manufacture and production of spectacle plates, slip plates, and spacer rings, he will now direct the expansion of the company’s capabilities within this market.

The safety devices, which are installed between pipe flanges and provide flexibility during repairs and scheduled maintenance, are largely used in the oil and gas, petrochemicals, offshore and water treatment sectors.

Spectacle plates comprise a solid disc connected to a ring disc and once fitted, can be rotated to either block the flow of product within a section of pipeline or rotated to allow flow.

Slip plates, which consist of a solid disc with a ‘handle’, are used to ensure a section of pipeline is safely isolated from an operational system, while spacer rings are inserted to show that the flow is open.

Made of corrosion resistant metal, carbon steel, stainless steel, or duplex, they are available in a variety of sizes and pressure ratings and are 3.1 certified.

Currently produced at Flexitallic’s UK’s manufacturing facility in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, the company is considering making an additional investment in its new North East Service Centre in Middlesbrough to create additional fabrication facilities.

Sam Bradley, UK Sales Director at Flexitallic, said: “Flexitallic are committed to helping its customers operate their process plant safely and efficiently. The addition of slip and spectacle plates, along with other machined metallic components allows us to enhance our offer. Garry was specifically recruited to launch this new product line and his considerable experience and knowledge of the product, both in manufacturing and operational installation, improves the technical offering that Flexitallic provides.

“This not only provides an additional service to both established and new customers across the UK but, given the level of interest, I’m confident it will quickly develop into an important new income stream.”

Garry, who is from the North East and has been appointed Flexitallic’s Product Manager for Slip Plates, Spectacle Plates and Special Flanges, is based at the Middlesbrough Service Centre.

He has worked within the sealing industry for almost 30 years, starting out as a gasket technician, later progressing to cutting gaskets on site during maintenance shutdowns at Teesside’s petrochemical sites.

Garry said: “I’m fortunate to have gained experience across multiple aspects relating to both slip plate and gaskets. I’ve had the opportunity to support customers with identification, measurement, design and manufacture of gaskets and slip plates both on customer sites as well as in house.

“I enjoy helping customers overcome challenges and providing insight into solutions is a major motivation for me. I also have extensive knowledge of industry specifications but understand the ultimate importance that materials must be manufactured to high standards and delivered on time. I’m delighted to bring this expertise to Flexitallic UK.

“I’m pleased to have joined such a progressive and responsive company and I’m now focused on supporting Flexitallic customers with this important new product line.”

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