Demand increases for spec plates, slip plates and spacer rings

The production of spectacle plates, slip plates, and spacer rings has increased following significant contract wins within the UK.

Due to the success of this new product line, we are expanding stock levels at our Teesside branch and increasing manufacturing capacity at our facility in West Yorkshire to ensure we can meet customer demand.

The safety devices are fitted between pipe flanges and provide flexibility during repairs and scheduled maintenance across such sectors as oil and gas, offshore, water treatment, and petrochemicals.

A spectacle plate comprises a solid and ring disc, which can be rotated to block or allow flow; the solid slip plate ensures safe isolation of pipeline sections, while spacer rings are inserted to allow for the joining of flanges that have a gap between their faces.

National Sales Manager Adam Atkinson says: “This new product line has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response, highlighted by the major contract wins. We are increasing production and stock provision in anticipation of additional demand, which underlines our commitment to meeting customer needs across multiple sectors.”

For more information contact Debbie Jackson-Yarker –

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