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Static seals are available in three materials: Flexitallic 894: expanded vermiculite foil and Inconel wire designed for a wide range of critical services.

Flexitallic GP1: high-density packing made from continuous filament ‘E’ glass yarns—designed for metal processing, boiler doors, furnace doors, and coal and wood burning stove door seals; and Flexitallic CFP1: a ceramic yarn reinforced with glass carrier ideal for high-temperature crucible lids and furnace door seals.

  • Thermiculite 894 Static Seal

    Thermiculite 894 Static Seal

    Typical uses:
    Flexible static seal, ON/OFF valves with low actuation.

    • Max Temperature: 1900°F (1050°C)
    • pH Limits: 0-14
  • Glass Static Seal

    Glass Static Seal

    Typical Applications: for metal processing, boiler doors, furnace doors, coal and wood burning stove door seals

    • Temperature: 600°C (1112°F)
    • pH Limits: 5-11
  • Ceramic Static Seal

    Ceramic Static Seal

    Typical Applications: for high temperature crucible lid and furnace door seals

    • Temperature: 1260°C (2300°F)
    • pH Limits: 3-9
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    Another First from Flexitallic

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