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Metal Jacketed Gaskets, as the name suggests, consist of a metallic outer shell with either metallic or non-metallic compressed fiber filler. The filler material gives the gasket resilience, while the metal jacket protects the filler and resists pressures, temperatures, and corrosion.

  • Single Jacketed

    The filler material is enclosed in a metal jacket which covers the inside and outside diameter of the gasket. Style 120 has one of its contact surfaces covered and is ideally suited for comparatively narrow flange widths in circular and non-circular configurations.

    Style 124 is an overlapped Single Jacketed Gasket, where the filler is completely enclosed on the inside and outside diameters and on both contact surfaces. Style 124 is more suited for high temperature applications of narrow gasket widths. Typical low pressure applications include boilers, compressors, pumps, and diesel and gasoline engines. Style 120 is not recommended for standard pipe flanges.

    • Minimum flange width 6.4mm (1/4”).
    • Nominal gasket thickness 3.2mm (1/8”).
  • Double Jacketed

    Double Jacketed Gaskets are used on boiler and heat exchanger applications when ample bolting is available to correctly seat the gasket. They are designed for high pressure and temperature applications up to and inclusive of Class 900. Gasket widths as narrow as 8mm (5/16”) can be manufactured dependent on diameter. Very large gasket diameters can also be produced. Nominal gasket thickness is 3.2mm (1/8”). Gaskets can be manufactured with either integral or welded pass partition bars, in a variety of configurations.

    • Gasket widths as narrow as 8mm (5/16”) can be manufactured dependent on diameter.
    • Nominal gasket thickness is 3.2mm (1/8
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