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Flexpro® (kammprofile)

The Flexpro gasket fights against flange rotation, bolt stress relaxation, and creep—even under extreme pressure and temperature fluctuations.

We named our Kammprofile gasket Flexpro because it offers the compressibility of a sheet gasket for low sealing stress, along with the bolt tightness of a spiral wound gasket—plus the handling ease of a solid metal gasket and its resistance to buckling.

  • Thermiculite 845 Flexpro™ Kammprofile

    Thermiculite 845 Flexpro™ Kammprofile
    • High temperature facing material for kammprofile gaskets
    • Cryogenics to 1800ºF/982ºC
    • Class 150 to 2500
  • Flexpro Graphite Gasket

    Flexpro Graphite Gasket

    The Flexpro gasket exhibits excellent compressibility and recovery characteristics, maintaining joint tightness under pressure and temperature fluctuations, temperature differential across the flange face, flange rotation, bolt stress relaxation, and creep. Suitable from vacuum to extremely high pressure applications.

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  • Another First from Flexitallic
    Another First from Flexitallic

    Flexitallic Upgrades Standard Graphite

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