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Compressed Fiber Sheet

The SF and AF products are fiber reinforced, polymer bound, calendared sheet materials made using traditional manufacturing techniques. A wide range of organic and inorganic fibers is used in conjunction with a polymer matrix to provide the appropriate degree of chemical compatibility and sealing performance.

  • Thermiculite 715 Fiber Sheet

    Thermiculite 715 Fiber Sheet

    High-performance coreless sheet material.  Replacement of compressed fiber sheet line, SF 2401, 2420, 3300, 5000 and tanged graphite sheet.  Provides total freedom from oxidation. Broad chemical compatibility range.  Fire safe.  Genuine opportunity for gasket standardization and inventory consolidation.  Wide service capability.

    • Max Temperature: 850°F (454°C)
    • Max Pressure: 2030 psig (290 bar) (Class 150–300)
    • ASME m: 3.2
    • ASME y: 4200 psi (29 MPa)
  • SF 2401

    SF 2401

    Medium quality, cost effective, compressed, non-asbestos sheet material. Based on a blend of aramid and inorganic fiber with a high quality nitrate binder system. Suitable for use with oils, solvents, gases, hot and cold water, low pressure steam and many dilute acids and alkalis.

    • Max Temperature: 662°F (350°C)
    • Max Pressure: 1450 psig (100 bar)
    • ASME m: 3.2
    • ASME y: 2900 psi (20 MPa)
    • pH Range: 3–11
  • SF 2420

    SF 2420

    SF 2420 is a high quality aramid fiber reinforced sheet with SBR binder, excellent for sealing steam, water, gases, oils, mild solvents and/or alkalis.The data given below is based on 1/32” sheet, except as otherwise noted.

  • SF 3100

    SF 3100

    SF 3100 is a general purpose aramid fiber based sheet sealing material bound with high quality nitrile rubber.

  • SF 3300

    SF 3300

    A premium quality sheet material reinforced with a blend of aramid and glass fibers and bound with nitrile rubber. SF 3300 complies with the highest grade of the British Standard for non-asbestos sheet sealing materials - BS 7531 Grade X. For applications in split case pumps where a thin, complex gasket capable of withstanding a high surface stress is required, SF 3500, a variant of SF 3300, has been developed. Where caustic liquors have to be sealed a variant of SF 3300 reinforced with a blend of aramid and carbon fibers is offered: this material, SF 5000 is widely used in the pulp and paper industry.

  • SF 3500

    SF 3500

    SF 3500 is a superior performance compressed non-asbestos gasket material ideal for use in pumps (including split case). It is constructed with glass and aramid fiber reinforcement, and it uses a NBR binder. The data given below is based on a 1/64” sheet, except as otherwise noted.

  • SF 5000

    SF 5000

    SF 5000 is an NBR based, non-asbestos sheet sealing material, reinforced with carbon and aramid fibers. SF 5000 is suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications including oils, fuels, steam, water and dilute acids. SF 5000 is especially suitable for sealing caustic liquors. Properties based on 1/32” thick material, except as otherwise noted.

  • Fluoroseal Joint Sealant Tape

    Fluoroseal Joint Sealant Tape

    Fluoroseal joint sealant tape is manufactured from 100% expanded PTFE. The material offers good creep and cold flow resistance. Fluoroseal possesses excellent chemical resistance. It is also weather resistant and will not deteriorate with age.

    The sealant tape is supplied with a self adhesive strip and is available in a range of widths from 3mm (1/8”) to 25mm (1”). It conforms easily to irregular shapes and can be pushed into narrow openings effortlessly.

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