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A glimpse into the history of who we were and what we've accomplished

When The Flexitallic Group announced its formation in April of 1997, it signaled the beginning of a worldwide synthesis and the end of the fragmented marketplace of industrial gaskets and other sealant devices. Based on sales and geographic reach, The Flexitallic Group has become a global supplier of industrial gaskets. Group members Flexitallic US, LLC and Flexitallic UK Ltd. maintain a major market position in all pressure ranges of static sealing devices used throughout the world, most notably in the oil and gas industry’s upstream and downstream operations. Flexitallic is able to provide all measures of sealing solutions globally.

By combining their products and services into one worldwide customer service network, The Flexitallic Group can better serve the industry with over 800,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity in six owned plants, as well as its joint-venture companies, manufacturing licensee locations and owned sales and warehousing operations.

Developer of the first spiral wound gasket in 1912, The Flexitallic Group today continues its legacy of innovation, investing in high tech equipment.

Besides spiral wound and RTJ gaskets, Flexitallic US, LLC, headquartered in Deer Park, and Flexitallic UK, Ltd., headquartered in Cleckheaton, U.K., are home to several proprietary product lines including the LSI Low Stress spiral gasket for class 150 and class 300 flanges, the Baker Gasket for special use in hydrofluoric acid alkylation, the Flexpro (kammprofile) gasket line which is ideal for heat exchanger applications, Flexitallic manufactures compressed fiber sheet gaskets and packings, Fluoroseal expanded PTFE joint sealant, and SIGMA biaxially oriented PTFE sheet gasket material ideal for a wide range of chemical applications.

With a varied product slate that includes spiral wound gaskets, semi-metallic gaskets, RTJ gaskets, sheet gaskets, dynamic and static packings, The Flexitallic Group draws upon its storied past and present day mixture of leadership, quality, service and technology to develop sealing and solutions for industry. While these products are only one segment of the oil and gas industry, they remain a vital and integral part of worldwide energy development.

From its sales and marketing Headquarters in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, Flexitallic Ltd. manages all Eastern Hemisphere activity through an extensive manufacturing and customer service network.

In Rochdale, Flexitallic has produced sealing products since 1871 and in 1999 amalgamated with the Cleckheaton operation forming a more focused supplier.

In the UK, Flexitallic now manufactures the fullest range of sealing products from braided valve stem Packings and PTFE products to high pressure ring joints and semi metallic gaskets. A sales office in Aberdeen serves the large North Sea Offshore Oil community with a local, comprehensive stockholding and technical service.

Group companies in many countries ensure local demand is met quickly, with a combination of the highest product quality and customer service.

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