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Engineering Team

Engineering always at your service, around the globe—for a greener tomorrow.

Jamal Jamalyaria
Engineering Manager
T: 281-604-2456
F: 281-604-2401
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Giang Dang
Applications Engineer
T: 213-248-7584
F: 281-604-2401
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Narvis Correa
Applications Engineer
T: 281-604-2427
F: 281-604-2401
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Brian Hasha
Applications Engineer
T: 281-604-2458
F: 281-604-2401
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Kathryn Worden
Applications Engineer
T: 830-822-1766
F: 281-604-2415
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With key centers of excellence in Europe, the US, and China, the Flex Engineering Force is only an e-mail or phone call away. Our engineering staff has many years of experience to make sure you get sealed up right. Fully staffed with both in-house experts and field reps, our Flex Engineering Force can help you with:

  • Troublesome/Chronic applications.
  • Application/Specification review
  • Inventory consolidation
  • Installation training
  • Pre-outage planning

Flexitallic LP Engineering Team from left to right:
Applications Engineer Brian Hasha,
Applications Engineer Narvis Correa,
Applications Engineer Giang Dang,
Engineering Manager Jamal Jamaly,
Applications Engineer Kathryn Worden


Engineering TeamJamal Jamaly Narvis Correa Giang Dang Brian Hasha Kathryn Worden

  • Another First from Flexitallic
    Another First from Flexitallic

    Flexitallic Upgrades Standard Graphite

  • Live Chat With Engineer
    Live Chat With Engineer

    Speak live with a Flexitallic engineer for your product or application.

  • Quick Gasket Search
    Quick Gasket Search

    Search by pressure, temperature, media and/or flange design.

  • Find Allied Distributor
    Find Allied Distributor

    Search our authorized network of Flexitallic Allied Distributors.

  • Training Seminar
    Training Seminar

    Schedule your flange assembly and bolting training seminar

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